IT Modernization (Agile & DevSecOps) 

Bring client IT systems and capabilities to modern levels, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, on a shortened development lifecycle, while delivering high-quality, secure and reliable solutions.

Modern software engineering methodologies and continually evolving deployment platforms can be a challenge for many enterprises. Training and deep experience are necessary to create workable systems with efficiency and an eye toward high maintainability and longevity. Proven Agile and DevSecOps services are the best guarantees of success.

Pretek helps our clients define a product roadmap and upgrade their legacy applications to modern architecture and technologies by focusing on how to best meet mission and business process needs. While moving move our customers towards achievement of a modern state of DevSecOps performance through our best practice capabilities, we deliver transformative software solutions that also improves potentials for further advancement.

We enable our clients to make the most of their IT investments through insight and vision, considering both current and future needs. We address automation potential as a critical component of modernization. We also specialize in virtualization to help clients reduce cost and increase the speed of deployments.

  • Agile Software Engineering
  • Open Source and COTS integration
  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • DevOps and Cloud Enablement
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Test Automation
  • Build Automation

Systems Development & Integration Services 

Develop new applications and enterprise solutions or upgrade current systems, using leading tools and methodologies, mastering integration of any number of client-owned and third-party applications.

The rapid expansion of the remote workforce and their associated application needs has created new challenges for both application developers and other IT professionals tasked with deployment and maintenance of sophisticated applications environments. Organizational success depends on finding the right balance between speed of release, stability and reliability of critical applications.

Pretek brings technical depth and a high degree of process maturity to systems development and integration programs, employing agile, scrum and DevSecOps practices to help organizations meet these balance objectives. Our developers have experience in a broad range of technologies and best practices. Security is a focal point and built into our processes from the start.

We use a high-touch open communications approach with our clients to ensure success in significant enhancement of existing systems, major transformations, and deployment of new systems. Across all of our varied services, Pretek is the honest broker.

  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Systems Migration

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) 

Deliver trusted solutions in systems engineering and technical assistance to help improve operational performance at a reasonable and sustainable cost. Solutions must address the means to continuously advance any system’s suitability, effectiveness, survivability, and sustainability.

Organizations typically lack the in-house capacity to successfully plan for new and evolving systems. Skills in planning and analysis covering system requirements, costs, performance, usabilty, security, and sustainability require supplemental resources.

Pretek provides a highly skilled systems engineers and technical workforce focused on customer needs for capability development, products, and services. Pretek system engineers provide an interdisciplinary technical effort to evolve and verify an integrated and total life cycle balanced set of systems, people, and process solutions satisfying customer needs. 

We bring a set of engineering support services that enable you to achieve your goals with greater confidence and efficiency through requirements engineering and architecture, technical baseline management, independent verification, validation, testing, and in support of operational transitions. Pretek engineers are experts in tailoring approaches that achieve the right balance between rigor and speed, creating actionable plans, capabilities, and intelligence for users and decision-makers.

Pretek provides the government with comprehensive, iterative technical management processes that include translating operational requirements into configured systems, integrating the technical inputs of the entire design team, managing interfaces, characterizing and managing technical risk, transitioning technology from the technology base into program specific efforts, and verifying that designs meet operational needs.

  • Systems Integration
  • System & Software Design, Development, Procurement, Installation, Testing & Operation
  • Systems Design, Development & Support
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Collection Analysis
  • Business Application Software Development
  • Database Design, Development & Administration
  • Data Modeling & Administration

IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security 

Infrastructure optimization and developing next-generations cyber solutions helps agencies reduce costs and leverage organizational assets to increase value of systems. We apply IT Service Management best practices to streamline operations and increase value. Our certified cloud subject matter experts can help modernize Federal IT environments through the application and management of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions to find the best solution tailored for your needs.

A structure is only as solid as its foundation. That foundation should comprise a stable and secure set of hardware, software, people, process, and interconnections between all of these. Maintaining situational awareness of the entirety of the infrastructure, facilitating proper operations, and managing through transitions are critically important. To help customers establish the rigor for running their systems safely and productively, we have SME’s that offer a range of IT infrastructure and cyber security services.  

  • Platform Services
  • Network Engineering
  • Systems Administration and Engineering
  • Continuous Monitoring & Real-Time Assessments
  • Certification and Accreditation Strategy
  • Security Assessment & Authorization
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Hosting, Storage, and DNS 
  • Risk & Vulnerability Management

Data Sciences 

Realizing the value of data driven solutions to problem solving, situational awareness and varied operational objectives, emphasizing design of powerful data management systems to transform enterprises.

Valuable data exists throughout the enterprise, arising from myriad applications and system transactions. Thanks to recent advances, innovative technical solutions in data analysis and custom machine learning can be put to work to solve complex problems. Whether the need is to upgrade enterprise capabilities or maximize customer experience, you can unleash data science’s power.

Pretek exploits opportunities for improving operations and delivered services which arise from captured data and its analysis.   We offer the services to prepare, process, and render data necessary to achieve these goals, using the latest tools and methods in data science. Our engineers have expertise in data engineering, data analytics, and machine learning, as well as data visualization and its transformation into actionable information.

Pretek provides data consulting services to help companies derive value from raw and processed datasets.  These may be discrete consulting services or embedded within wider systems development or integration programs. We can help add competitive application functionality for greater customer satisfaction, automate internal processes, or peer into the future – all on the bedrock of custom-built algorithms engineered on the foundation of your own data.

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Data Management

Independent Verification and Validation (IV &V) 

Ensuring a correct view on achievement of objectives through checks on the soundness of engineering and satisfaction of user needs, thus reducing program risk, minimizing time or cost excesses, and increasing solution quality.

An organizationally-independent exercise is needed to determine whether a program is on track to deliver the intended purpose-build system and is using the appropriate process, structure and components, while still meeting specific performance, security and quality objectives. Without IV&V, the system owner, sponsors, users, and other stakeholders do not have sufficient assurances the effort is headed towards success.

Pretek understands the challenges of developing and deploying complex IT solutions supporting business transformation. We’ve mastered the system engineering discipline for verifying the right system is being built and “built right”. We are our client’s trusted advisors on this subject.

Leveraging Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) test automation strategies, we develop test cases, test scripts, test reports, and test documentation for systems integration testing, interoperability testing, and performance testing. By catching defects early in software development life cycle, we improve product performance maximizing return-on-investment. Understanding business behind the systems we test is the key. Our test automation process fully validates functionality while streamlining workflows, generates test reports, and reduce cost by eliminating redundancies.

Cloud Solutions 

Gaining advantage from smart cloud and mixed storage and compute solutions can lead to systems which are more scalable, flexible, secure, cost effective, and available.

In an increasingly connected world, cloud solutions are a must to provide teams with the flexibility and scalability needed to accomplish mission objectives. Pretek’s Cloud experts have extensive experience in architecting and developing cloud-based applications. Our cloud strategies involve assessment of the existing integration landscape, future needs identification, and development of future state integration architecture, with a specific focus on harmonizing the information across distributed applications. We also focus on balancing the right blend of cloud-hosted, on-premise, and hybrid cloud options based on economics, functionality, and security.

Strategy & Business Consulting Services 

Leading, scaling, and optimizing decision-making through business process re-engineering, program, project, and portfolio management.

The future of the enterprise takes shape through domain understanding, strategic insight, skillful planning and disciplined execution. Customers can rely on us to guide them from project inception through deployment. For these purposes, we offer robust strategy and business services. Pretek offers customized business process management (BPM) solutions that create business value and competitive advantage for federal agencies. We harness the power of technology in the design, execution, management, and optimization of business processes to streamline operations and deliver maximum return on investment.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Program and Project Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Domain expertise

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Pretek Corporation (Pretek) is a leading Information Technology solutions provider, certified as an SBA 8(a), HUBZone, and Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business. Committed to excellence and trust, we offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions tailored to various sectors delivering results that drive business growth. Trust is paramount to us, underpinning strong client partnerships through reliability and transparency. Upholding excellence in every aspect, from our talented team to cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to achieving the highest quality and performance standards.

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